Perfect Privacy Window Films for Perfect Privacy!

A diverse collection of designs and styles of the privacy window film is available with a large choice from Aslam Bala Plastic. Either an overlooked living area or the privacy you need to for your home office or a replacement for blinds in the bathroom, there is definitely a fitting window glass paper solution.

What are my possible privacy options?

Two main options are available to provide privacy through windows. You can choose between a frost decorative glass papers (with 200+ designs and styles) option that provides privacy in two ways 24 hours a day, or choose a one-way privacy film that provides privacy in daylight hour, also known as Window Tint Films.

Decorative Glass Paper – Two-way Privacy with added Style!

Decorative Glass Papers

Our frosted decorative glass papers have been designed to give your glasses and windows a glazing appearance of classic sandblasted or etched glass with an option to select from having different printed textured and designs to enhance the overall look. The Paper and sheets are easy to apply and, once in place, it blocks the view from both sides of the glass without sacrificing natural light. These Window Films are long-lasting, durable, and moisture resistant, making it perfect for use in bathrooms and on shower screens.

One-Way Privacy Films and Window Tint.

If you require one-way privacy for your glass, in other words giving a reflective appearance to the outside of the glass during the daylight hours, preventing the view from forming outside, while keeping the view from inside out then you can use one of Aslam Bala Plastic’s Window Solar tints which gives the glass a reflective look and comes in different shades.

In addition to providing visual protection, one-way privacy films can also provide privacy without sacrificing high natural light levels and offer additional benefits, for example, reducing glare and blocking potentially damaging UV rays.

The film works on light balance; it is the side of the film that is exposed to the highest levels of light. This is the external side of the film during the daylight time, while the effect is reversed when the night is falling and it is lighter inside the film. Please call (92)3002263147 – we will gladly help if you’re not sure how the film works.

How to install these window glass paper and privacy films?

No matter what type of film you choose, installation with no prior experience and a few household items can be achieved.

First, thoroughly clean your window. Then use a plant spray bottle to cover the panel with a soapy water solution (this can be created by adding a few drops of liquid washing up to water) Then remove the back sheet from the privacy window film and cover the film’s exposed side with the soapy water solution.

Take the film to the glass, and let it flow over the panel. The soapy water will act as a slip solution, allowing you to correctly position the film of the window before using the squeegee provided to push the remaining moisture to the edge of the pane.

And that’s it! For more details about our full Privacy Window Film range or to buy today, go to our shop section.

Please call (92)3002263147 or email if you would like to speak to a member of our team and one of our experts will be happy to help.

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